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released October 31, 2016

All songs written and performed by Elijah Judd.

Cover design by Elijah Judd.
Cover photo "Zombies 002" by Thierry Ehrmann



all rights reserved


Within The Giant Boise, Idaho

One-man rock-band.

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Track Name: Haunted Town
Even through empty streets
These ghosts, they linger still
From long forgotten pains
From foes I thought I've killed
Come back from what comes next
Rise from their shallow graves
Revived by restlessness
Taken for what I gave
No peace in Heaven found
There's no room left in Hell
They conjure evil sights
Entranced by Satan's spell
They hunger for revenge
They're coming back to life
They rattle heavy chains
Pull me before the scythe

So can I tear it down and start again
Forget all that I know
Can I break away to a better place
'Til there's nowhere left to go
I will cross this bridge then burn it down
Never to return
Leaving now, this haunted town
Warmed by bridges burned

I don't retreat from time
No sense in looking back
No good from fearing change
I'm never going back
I've had enough of this
No more will I regret
I'm gonna cut the cord
And leave this town for dead
If I can outrun the past
Before it swallows me
Then I can start again
And live on happily
When bridges rot away
You can burn them down
May you never go
Back to Haunted Town

Never going back
Track Name: Internal Chemical Reaction
Well past the point of fading
Another day goes by
Such need, a constant craving
Searching for new ways to die

Experiments in losing focus
Has science gone too far
No solace found while sober
Drink in the smoke and tar

I need a pill
To take the pain away
I need shots of poison
To make it through the day
I'm losing all control
And I'm blacking out the world
The chemical reaction
Explodes internally

You better find a program
Before you find you're dead
Hell bent on self-reliance
'Til you put a bullet in your head
Track Name: Long Hot Summer
Oh it's been
A long, hot summer this year
A hundred mean degrees
Working in the burning sun
Melting in the streets

Oh, and I hide in the shade
Oh, and I'm praying for the rain

Oh I've been
Working for the Man today
Breaking all these rocks
Giving what it takes to live
Takes everything you've got

Oh, and I'm waiting for a change
Oh, but the day never came

In the long, hot summer you know
You gotta stand your ground
Wait for those winds of change
To come around

Oh I've been
Looking for a better way
Tearing down the walls
Find a place to make a stand
Before we've lost it all

Oh, we grab on the reins
Oh, but we crash anyway
Track Name: The Fall Harvest
The time has come
Seasons change and take the sun
And now return
To days of fire, watch them burn

It’s harvest time
Spin around, circle of life
Enter the night
In shadows, your fears come alive

An evil speaks
High on the wind, in the fields
Dig out the seeds
Not again to sow, now to reap

Under the stars
The harvest moon, the tree, the char
And Summer falls
When the beast of autumn calls

Summer is gone
The leaves are falling
Listen to the wind
The harvester is calling

Now comes harvest
Now comes death
Now fall

Summer is gone
The leaves are falling
Listen to the wind
The harvester is calling

Out there in the field
The colors are all changing
Pick apart your world
See which ones aren’t worth saving

Summer has left
The nights are still and silent
Sleep comes in the cold
With dreams becoming violent

One final Summer breeze
Hold it to remember
Now the harvest comes
Can you make it to December
Track Name: Boomerang
Each new turn
The cycle starts again
With each new guard
The old forgets
The life
The death

It’s not a state of mind
A state of what’s wrong
With the times
You state a fact
Then take it back
And now you’ve got a sign

Lost control, they say
We’ve lost all hope
They say take it back
From the times ahead

Tick tock
The time has come
To return
To the world

Tick tock
It never stops
Hate the new
Who are you

Tick tock
It’s coming back
It’s coming back
It’s coming back
Track Name: Bullets
One bullet shot at a time
One coward saying it’s fine
One thousand voices for change
One thousand dead the next day

Does not the guilt leave a stain
Can you just pray it away
Do you just shift all the blame
Pretend that you’re not the same

How many sermons
Before it’s too late
How many bullets
Is it gonna take
Oh Holy Spirit
Give us a sign
We’re out of time

You’re a militia of one
For God and country and gun
No one will dare take your rights
Even if you take a life

One more shot ringing past
One more excuse not to act
One more day, one more death
One more child laid to rest
Track Name: Need
Is it pride, or is it pity
When you say that you’re a friend
Your words are like a private army
They only serve your ends

I don’t need your false sympathy
I don’t need what’s given me
I don’t need on more piece of
Your self-serving advice
I need…

Deconstruct your resurrection
You’re not here to save us all
Is it by guilt, or desperation
You finally have the guts to call
Track Name: Colossus
These faces I recall
Now seem they’ve got it all
Adorn their hard-earned crowns
While I try not to drown
They tower so high…

They’ve got successes
I’ve got survival
No motivation
Without a rival
Their lives are happy
I’m wasting my time
I feel like nothing
Why do I even try

We weren’t so different
We’ve all just grown apart
Fell into the distance
Or did I ever start
They just say goodbye…
Track Name: New Napalm
A war began long ago
They planted seeds
Used fire to make them grow
They stole the spoils from our hands
They left ashes
They left burning lands

Have all or have none
It can’t get much worse
New napalm is born
A war of their words
They’ll call you a leech
Deadbeat and thief
They are the ones
Making you bleed

They wouldn’t know what to do
If forced to walk
A mile in a beggar’s shoes
They wouldn’t know what to say
If they needed help
Just living day to day

It’s not about wanting more
It’s not about
Killing rich for poor
It’s not a sign of the times
It’s about the right
Just to stay alive
Track Name: Love
Live day to day, never asking why
Suddenly five years go by
So wrapped up in a clever lie
All the while just afraid to try

So free
So meek
Can’t breathe
I can’t…

Still waiting for life to start
At twenty-seven fear to soon depart
Does burning out beat the fade away
Grasping for another reason to stay

All moved on
Just be strong
Every time
Lost my mind

Miss the feelings
That you never had
With all the strung out mothers
And deadbeat dads
Left behind and
Sill far to go
To never love
To never know

Infatuated by the panic attack
A racing heart that dies on the track
Track Name: Contrition
I’ve told some lies
To myself not least of all
I swore I’d take the time
To try and make things right
I’ve held onto love
Buried deep and called it hate
To pretend I’m not at fault
When the voices never call

I am a coward and
I know I’m not alone
I’m surrounded by the echoes
Haunted by the ghosts
And I know I have the power
But it doesn’t mean a thing
‘Cause it’s never gonna change
Never gonna change

It’s taken time
To admit the way things are
The writing’s on the wall
When the tower starts to fall
When it’s my time
And I find I die alone
I’ll remember all the choices
All the chances that I’ve blown
Track Name: Tearing Down The World
War inside a single breath
A sign of the times
They’re screaming for heads
A shot across the firing line
One simple stray shell
Sends them firing blind

To arms at a moment’s call
Pride that you feel
As you watch them fall
The taste, the scent, a drop of blood
Swift is the hawk
Afraid is the dove

Hear them
Hear them cry for justice
All they want is outrage
Just want to be angry
Just want to be heard
While they’re tearing down the world
Tearing down the world

A fight tonight, it never dies
Pushing too far
Doing wrong for right
Lines are drawn, the fog of war
A tighter grip choking
And begging for more
Track Name: Fear and Loathing
Angry voices
Calling out for
Righteous vengeance
Holy tears
Your messiah
Is a dollar bill
Says who to hate, and
Who to kill
Purge the sickness
Cleanse the filthy
Don the black hood
Judge the guilty

They gave bread to the people
And held tight to their silver and wine
Tell them what glitters is golden
And hope they don’t see through your lies

Now the moment
You’ve waited for
Mock the cripple
Damn the whore
For paranoia
A four year winter
We’re begging for
Kill the martyr
Kill the prophet
Kill the exile
Kill what’s different

Claim a man for a savior
And paint the future in red
A man gave voice to their hatred
For people who deal in lead
Track Name: Revolution
On this day of
I think about those
That we left behind
The disenfranchised
The disavowed and
The men and women
That we left to die
We’ve come so far, but
Could go much further
It’s not enough to
Remember the past
If we intend to
Survive the future
The time is now
To take it all back

We gather on the fourth
Remember why they fought
You must protect what’s yours
Revolution never stops

Even today
There are those who
Would see us regress
To times of despair
And there are voices
So many voices
Who shout out curses
Reacting to fear
Be we are better
So much better
Than the mobs would
Have you believe
So when I’m brought down
And it looks hopeless
I remember
The day we were freed
Track Name: Washed In The Blood
Do they forget so quick
Are they just hypocrites
One step further right
Into endless night
Building a tower to God
On bones and broken skulls
Clad in robes of white
They never see the light

Washed in the blood
But they’re calling for more
As they sharpen paper knives
Good soldiers marching to war
To lions from lambs
Lash out for they’re afraid
They reject their ancient laws
And embrace the end of days

Preach a gospel of hate
With words that you can’t relate
Your lies are truth and
Your sermon is retribution
Trade your stars and your stripes
For swastikas in the night
Open your heart to the
Still, small voice of silence
Track Name: American Spring
Do you feel proud today
Like you did before
Did things ever change
Are they only getting worse
Sons and daughters march away
In secret civil wars
Hollow words fall on deafened ears
And we’re crawling on the floor

The time has come to take a stand
To take the power back again
If we can last until spring is here
If we believe instead of fear

Do you avert your eyes
While they’re hanging from the rope
Will you revert to hymns
Or sing a song of hope
Is progress coming slow
Do tyrants ever end
The revolution always comes
Back where it began

It’s time
This time
To find
The line